Stonerpop – Stonerpop

Artist: Stonerpop
Title: Stonerpop
Keywords: synthpop
Reviewer: Geitenwollensok

“Stonerpop are an electronic/synthpop duo from Louisiana with a sound as diverse as the culture they represent. Maudie Michelle’s thought-provoking lyrics, calming voice, and quirky synth melodies interlock with the sonic assault of Jimmie Manueva’s haunting backing vocals and instrumentation.

You can’t believe how happily relieved I am with the self provided artist description as seen above. So incredible happy to read what Stonerpop is, as to have come up with a fitting description myself -would have been incredibly difficult. Of course it should be required for me to forget any form of delivered description, listen to Stonerpop myself and come up with my own version saying what it is, if it’s good & a possible personal opinion suggesting something that it’s material that you should hear and check out… normally I would follow that concept trough, but today… well… today I won’t…I can’t..

I won’t even listen to it, in all frankness I just have to believe the promotional story that Stonerpop had send in & you have basically no choice in believing the same thing without a credible quality check by (cough cough) your favorite YIKIS music reviewers team…

Why? Well simply put; the Stonerpop’s Stonerpop is seemingly only available to play over at this thing called Spotify. It’s not a disease involving a face full of dots, or some radicalized fashion style involving all fabric to be covered in polka dot prints… no, no, no… it’s something else… You probably heard about it & looking around at my modern day Stoney Maloney hipster friends; they all use and abuse it like crazy… but not me, I’m more of a grey old sheep woolen socks type, listening to music released on floppy diskettes, streaming bad recorded crap from free downloadable archive sites & other old school ways… i did see a playlist with the release on YouTube but when I clicked it, this appeared:

Of course nothing can take me down, but I’m stubborn and simply not going the Spotify route…

I probably should Spotify myself though, especially when things like SoundCloud are slightly going into the trash zone & this Spotify thing is becoming more and more trendy; but I’m a twat that’s simply too a technical to download apps, register shits and go on my knees and pray for Spotify to play the tunes that I would like… I rather trim the hairs around my asshole to be fair, it might not be musical; but still is seemingly a more worthwhile task to deal with than trim the ‘other’ hipster beard and try to get the Spotify thing up and running…

It’s a real shame though, as reading the description of Stonerpop’s Stonerpop; this must be really good! And now I’m pissing next to the pot, missing out on this (probably) incredible release, simply because of stubborn old fashioned refusal to join the modern world… the stupid dilemmas in life are just incredible; it feels a bit as if Spotify had hijacked Stonerpop and it’s just wiggling it in front of my eyes like bait; come over, join us and safe the Stonerpop from its Spotify prison…

Oh how I would have loved to hear Maudie Michelle’s thought-provoking lyrics and her calming voice… how amazing it would have been to be able to listen to synth pop sounds so diverse like the culture it represents. How cool would it be to be able to hear Jimmie Manueva’s moving backing vocals and instrumentations; I’ve got a feeling that it would be a really nice bunch of music. So yes, I’m convinced just by the artwork and their writing that it must be good. Good enough to give it some attention over here, I’m sure some modern day people, hip Stoney malloneys & other futuristic people have Spotify around here, so for them there is a link & for the rest of us ‘let’s just imagine listening to it – sounds good doesn’t it?’

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1 Response to Stonerpop – Stonerpop

  1. Stonerpop says:

    Fortunately, we also have music on Soundcloud! It may be going to the “trash zone” –
    but we believe every old fogie, bum, hipsters, or techie should have access!

    (Also – thank you for sharing our art and Spotify link!)

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