Meteologist – Unclimated

Artist: Meteologist
Title: Unclimated
keywords: alternative ambient electronic glitch glo-fiUnited Kingdom

I know that it might be a bit late to receive that special ‘2015’ Christmas gift, after all this might be 2017 (if we are not mistaken), but trust me, receiving this gift is a case of ‘better late than never’.
This 2015 Christmas gift is simply wonderful and doesn’t sound at all so Christmassy related, in fact it’s more an all-rounder,  a gift for music lovers that are especially a bit more into greatly made electronica. This gift is a gifted album that sounds superbly thick in programmed lovable sounds,
you could feel yourself as happy as a kid when unwrapping these tunes with your ears any year, month, day or time of the day.

It is a thick pleasure for the ears, coming from a producer that had spent clearly a very long time programming these –let me be frank- beautiful tracks. They have so many things inside, the gift maker must have had a whole arsenal of sampled sounds and pretty electronica music tones ready available as it for sure sounds like a wonderland for the true listener. Do we hear a thumb piano? A singing man doing ‘oh’ and ‘ah’? thick round basses, cuteness, crisper sounds and sweet electric lovable melodies and rhythms? Yes – in fact you might be able to hear so much when listening to this gift of music. It’s one of these belated 2015 Christmas gifts that makes you basically feel that it could be 2015 all year round; it doesn’t sound dated – so you could date it and hopefully get old with it together. It’s pretty lovable, like a good cuddly complicated interesting friend that awaits you on a warm comfortable sofa:

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