BLEECH – Hypergaze

Artist: BLEECH
Title: Hypergaze
Keywords:& options electronic noise Toronto

I’m a bit like that rabbit from Alice in wonderland; having no time today, running around, watching the clock and hurrying up… But as Hypergaze by BLEECH consists only of two tracks, I managed to flush it through my pointy ears while hopping so speedily through the landscape. I’ve listened long and intensive enough to get the hang of it and form an opinion about it. You want to know what that opinion is? Well… it must be your lucky day!

My opinion is that Hypergaze by BLEECH might be only just two tunes long, it does needs some real intense care and attention when it comes your way. Simply because if you just take it for granted, it might not have its full impact on your consuming mind and ears. It is a bit intense in the beginning to get the hang out of it, but when you let it go and do it’s thing, the music starts to grow on you like flowers on your head. It’s probably fairly repetitive in sound and production, but the progression is what this seems to be so all about.

Once you give in to it & embrace it with a open mind and rinsed ears full of attention, you might experience the depth and the growing growth of it. It’s a psychedelic thing that BLEECH had cooked up, combining it with hallucinations might be pretty heavy, something you would like to leave to the professionals or do it alongside a junkie as a personal trainer. But listening while sober is enough to make you feel freaked in a third dimensional dance; a good place to be and hang out. So here is your chance:

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