Wirephobia – No Lives But Nightmares

Artist : Wirephobia
Title : No Lives But Nightmares
Label : Silent Method Records
Release Date : June 2017
Link : https://silentmethodrecords.bandcamp.com/album/no-lives-but-nightmares
Reviewer: Wayne Rex

When I was a child / teen, one of my favourite places to go and just observe was the local industrial estate. Something beautiful in it’s bleakness. Depressing buildings and workers who would sit outside with a cigarette and cuppa tea, contemplating where it all went wrong, and the minor management in their high street suits and company cars, swanning around like they were some big wigs on wall street instead of just jobsworths in Poole, Dorset, England. Maybe that’s where I got my love of industrial, dark, ambient noise music from? The soundtrack to my strange youth.

That, not quite so seamlessly leads us onto today’s review of the rather gloriously ambient doom, glittered with chattering hope, all wrapped up in four tracks and released through the San Diego label, Silent Method Records.

Lives. is the opening track and second shortest track too (useless information for you there) and is a eerie piece of ambient sound art, using lots of different background effects and some sustained synth/key work to build the tension in between the sound narrative. It really sets the tone for the whole record perfectly.

Nightmares in Baghdad is track two and nightmarishness is certainly is! What with it’s muffled, sharp and hard hitting percussion parts, cleverly disguised to really make you believe you could be in Baghdad at it’s most volatile point. Again there is the sustained, dark and low synth playing like a continual pounding of a blood vessel in the head but in a pleasant way. If you listen in the dark then please don’t expect to sleep too fondly that night.

But Two Little Drill Who Can’t Do Nothing is the third (and shortest track.. more useless info for you good people out there) It sounds like a demonic wind fighting against a saintly wind, right in front of your eyes, or ears, if you will. I’m guessing from the title that Wirephobia are using two drills to conjure this great sound. (I remember a band called Mr Big used to be sorta famous for their guitarist using a drill to play the guitar with.. how much useless info can you all handle in one poorly written review?)

Last but by no means least, we have No Sounds Just Experiments. Which is exactly what is says on the tin. It’s a horror film, nightmare, upsetting time in your life all rolled up into one eclectic track and I love it. It’s the standout track on the already superb record. This is sound art, soundscapes etc.. at it’s very best. Painting you a picture, showing you a movie, expanding you subconscious all in some well put together noises and effects.

Download this excellent record and take your bike and your headphones down to your local industrial estate, play it loud and observe your surroundings with this as your soundtrack and you too will dig hanging out in depressing, grey and weird places of industry too.

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