Lomita – Inside the Jungle

Artist: Lomita
Title: Inside the Jungle
Keywords: experimental, chill out

Never thought that going into the jungle would be a relaxing thing. It is certainly not a wild drum n bass party in which a MC shouts ‘jungle is massive’ but It is still a very exciting place to be, with lots of animal and insect friends to roam around providing sounds of interest.

What are these beasts, birds and other strange natural sound creators? Did some explorer already discovered them all and reported in some book? Or are there still creatures attached to these sounds that we can name ourself? Are there special jungle seagulls singing and flying out there to be discovered, might we call them the Steven Seagulls?

But most importantly what is the creature making these nice ambient streams that float around this jungle? Might this be one of the unexplored, previously unheard of creatures? It sounds so beautiful that we might just look over it, making it a possible jungle creature ready to be spotted, identified and recorded in the records…
You don’t even need to go out and face the cheering group of mosquitoes in the real life jungle as the brave recording artist and explorer named ‘Lomita’ had been in the middle of it, capturing all these sounds for us ‘sofa-explorers’ audio pleasures. Here it is, grab a note book and let the discovery begin:

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1 Response to Lomita – Inside the Jungle

  1. Feminatronic says:

    Reblogged this on Feminatronic and commented:
    I’ve known of Lomita for a few years, especially for her Dark Ambient and Space tracks, so it’s always great to see a fellow artist get some credit : )

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