Space Crystals – Saturnine

Artist: Space Crystals
Title: Saturnine
Keywords: ambient, electronic, space ambient, electro ambient, space music, space pop, pop, relaxing music

Night Magic falls into the ears just like a magical night. Something with a nice cooling warmth, a dark but crystal clear sky full of sparkling bright stars that do their magic things above our heads. ‘Night Magic’ would be the best possible thing to hear when actually experiencing a real case of night magic; a rare opportunity that might not be the one to miss out on. With twinkling little feel good sleepy cool vibes and a sparkly electric rhythm Space Crystal hits the best possible vibes of this rare part of the day. Space Crystals is an electronic ambient, experimental project from Australia created by Liz Aragon; a name to tattoo on your arm, just so you never forget it…

Next to the best possible audio representation of a magical night, she also hits the nail on your comfortable head with the experimental electronic work named ‘saturnine’. With synthetic futuristic space sounds ‘Space Crystals’ takes us on a trip that goes from a concrete relaxing rhythm to something that goes into a audio story that is friendly, lovable and pretty spaced out. When a chilled out sweet melody sprinkles itself in you would be very proud staring at that new tattoo on your arm; so nice!

Last but not least, ‘Mirage’, which is such a electro-bliss to hear. A nice and solid mix of ambient and melodic acid-friendly space relaxation, that could only make a owner of ears and a taste for these kind of things – extremely happy. To feel even better about this all, this EP is absolutely free to download so you can save some money to pay for that tattoo. Check it out over here:

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