Merzlux – Subtraction as a Creative Method

Artist: Merzlux
Title: Subtraction as a Creative Method
Keywords: Merzlux, electronic, noise, ambient, harsh noise wall, techno, lo-bit, 8ravens, 8 kbps
Label: 8Ravens
Reviewer: Leo Obit

I have been looking forward for this ‘Subtraction as a Creative Method’ and now it isn’t needed to look forward towards it as it’s already here! A masterpiece by the late lobit noise magician ‘Merzlux’! Hallelujah! With this free downloadable brilliant release our hero goes into a slightly different direction as expected; let’s call it lobit ambient techno noise kindness! Maybe it’s called something else, but somehow at this side of the pond they call it something like this..

it is noisy, but it comes in steady pulses, making it possible to bump your head along with it, perhaps even dance or something that looks like dancing. But even relaxing is possible, as that 8kbps sound is so nice and fluffy! Oh my gosh it’s so fluffy and pulsates so nicely in a groovy style; don’t you just want to hold these tracks and squeeze their cheeks in a kind and loving way? I’m doing that right now! Will you join me?

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