godofgaps – Monsters In Cloth

Artist: godofgaps
Title: Monsters In Cloth
Keywords: power electronics world anti-pseudoscience anti-theism experimental folk godofgaps grindcore harsh noise noise punk world New York
Reviewer: Simon Hit

if you like getting your ears pierced with high fiddles from an unknown kind, you probably would pull both of them open for ‘Monsters In Cloth’ by godofgaps. This one has absolutely no problem to fill them up with loud crushing noises from a wealthy strength & those higher ones that love to hit your eardrums like a manic psycho. It starts with a explosive work named ‘altar wellfare’ which speedily penetrates those ears like a beyond control accident; something that feels just as heavy as falling down a snowy high hill through heavy cliffs, or jumping in a hellish pit of no return. Thrill seekers will be extremely pleased when a encouraging voice flips in to make sure you feel like you have gone mental.

In the next piece of heaviness named ‘Anointed and disappointed’ you will not be disappointed to know that escaping this voice & its crushing noisy action didn’t go away to make space for some easy listening music. Here the situation seems to be even more destructive, with the sounds having a enraging attitude that compliments the mental shouting quite well. I have no idea what the trapped voice is announcing, but it feels like a panicked attempt to warn us from. Ore upcoming ear damaging disasters.

Speaking of that, there is one last bit on this release that might surprise you. It is called ‘vestigal grasp’ and is quite different than the crushing madness that you could hear before. Maybe the speakers (or your ears) had been blown up, leaving only the best bits available to hear… but no… the crushing bits & the voice will come back to bite you just after some time listening to some easy going broken piggy sounds. It’s nice to be among the pigs in the piggy pen to chill out before witnessing the voice recording it’s raging powerful mental disorder. Might this be the ‘monster in cloth’ that the album title refers too? Pretty loud and mental!

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