RX-101 – EP 3

Artist: RX-101
Title: EP 3
Keywords: electronic braindance electro idm rephlex technoNetherlands
Reviewer: Ronaldo Dildo

Rumors go around that a new ingredient for a perfect underground acid techno rave is going to hit the streets, hardly being contained on its own vinyl home, probably freaking out its acidic bubbles in such deferment ways that even the cook serving them up to hungry ravers has no opportunity to keep the head cool & the body non moving!

This acid techno has already the reputation to kick in hard & going easy under the skin as if it’s liquid drugs that contaminate a user in just a few seconds.
When it’s in and doing it’s thing, the users soaking in this upbeat acid bubble bath will feel warmly confident inside, making it easy to flap around while going for flubberish dance moves that no dance teacher would have come up with… that’s what the rumors say, at least… on the 20th of June (that’s just a couple of days!) these rumors might be truly confirmed as that’s the date these upbeat acid techno tunes will fly out like crazy! Apparently there are only 500 available, so it might be a good idea to jump on the bandwagon and preorder a copy:

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