The samarobryn – Beringbooding

Title: Beringbooding
Keywords: experimental, Perth
Label: Dog Park

Mediations from a windy night at Beringbooding Rock, Western Australia, 30th December 2016.

Compositions created from combination of field recordings, histograms from a photo converted into frequencies,
guitar, vocals and percussion.

Compositions and performance: Cissi Tsang

It will be very easy touching yourself while hearing the experimental sound piece named ‘Bering’, unless you don’t get excited by dada moans, forceful wordy sounds that reminds of gag reflexes or the noises a person sometimes makes when things needs to go out of the aorta. This description might sound odd and a bit disrespectful, but it isn’t meant that way; it’s just that when hearing ‘Bering’ my slanderous mind simply went mentally perverted by visually providing this strange scene in my head of a modern day experimental theatre, with performers bended over on the knees while bearing wild grimaces on their express-full faces. They were doing weird things, a top notch intriguing performance that left the whole theatre speechless. It felt very libertarian to me, but liberating in a marquis de Sade kind of way… I don’t know, it’s probably just me & other listeners might have a completely different visual vision when hearing this work; but in any case; it made my head go fully twisted. Excuses for that, I know I’m not making much sense right now…

I think the only way to get myself textually out of the mess that I’m making is by attempting to tell you about the next track named ‘If An Echo Could Talk’. Unfortunately and fortunately (at the same time!) this work continues the spirit of the previous one, yet feels so much more psychedelic and trippy. These theatric expressed dada words might float in and around still, but the whole audio had been sucking me into a complete different dimension; one that abandoned the presumed eroticism, but created more of a cozy strange traveling warm industrial trip to slip through. The psychedelic visualization that it injected in my head was of floating as a miniature character through all kinds of carton boxes that had been decorated as brewing on-the-road science labs…

‘The Sentry Watches’ is the work that sounds like a next level, one that is probably below a basement with weak lighting and corners mostly draped in shadows. A mysterious drum seems to connect to our heartbeat and goes slow yet fully deferment to keep on beating. This brings us to ‘L’appel Du Vide’ which stays in the mysteriously sounding shadow areas, but now has a soft windy breeze flying around on a environment that normally should be filled with dead air. A rhythm that shivers keeps the atmospheric tension as high as the soundtrack of a intelligent thriller with root-tactic vibes. It’s almost as if our ears are experiencing a dark empowering shamanic experience & as a result you’ll probably feel strong like a Amazon warrior!

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