Dawn Tuesday – Moons of Jupiter

Artist: Dawn Tuesday
Title: Moons of Jupiter
Keywords:ambient dark ambient electronic musicexperimental noise Alaska

You might have missed your daily amount of updates at this humble place, if not & if so; no worries! It was just the amount of sunny sunshine & the busy super activities had been sucking up all the precious music listening times. Count that, plus a triple return ticket to the Moons of Jupiter & you could imagine that it was hard to update our digital abode like we normally would.

Let me tell you about the triple trip to these super moons; it was unreal! It was a hefty twenty minute flight each, but felt like it was a trip close to a life-time achievement, traveling to the far side of the greater secrets of the universe. I don’t think we even took a space ship to go, in fact I can just remember seeing Jupiter and it’s moons passing by while flying over weightlessly.

I remember feeling warm and pleasant, save and sound, far away from earthily chatters & other electric banter. A flowing stream of pretty bliss in which no wifi connection was available and only the joy of being in space could be felt. It was truly a splendid time away and a blessing to be able to experience such about wonderful relaxing thing as this Jupiter’s moons getaway. So much so that As soon as the twenty minute trip was over, the whole YIKIS crew would hook up for another one.



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    Not enough women creating Space Music but here’s one…..

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