HAUNTS – Room 303 EP

Artist: HAUNTS
Title: Room 303 EP
Keywords: beats experimental noise soundscapes ambientexperimental electronic New Zealand

Good day dear people,

How are you?
I’ve been drinking toe nail beer & you?
Toe nail beer is really nice, but you have to be careful not to choke on a toe nail. Next to the possibility to swallow a descent amount of toenails it’s really a nice beverage to get loopy from. Loopy enough to be on that ‘music review’ level; you know that kind of insanity that you need to be able to actually listen to music and have something to say about it.

I might as well be honest, I believe to have had a little bit too much of the toe nail beer to properly go for a well written review, but still managed to listen to a really nice little EP by HAUNTS (a project made and produced by Stephanie Engelbrecht), a session that I really thought you should know about, just because I thought it was really good… also it will make us have something in common. I know that we probably haven’t had the same toe nail beer for liquid lunch, dinner and breakfast but wouldn’t it be really nice if we would at least share this moment of having enjoyed (and still enjoying) the same music together?

What is sounds like? Did you just mumble that question? Oh that is so easy to answer, you just tune in, play it and you shall experience these lovely calming tones. Your ears might be gracefully greeted by Metallic processed gamelan in a sweet bath of a slow rhythmic procession of backdrop sound; what’s not to love? Later on your ears might dive into a smooth relaxing session of ambient material that feels very spacious and adventurous in a smooth way. As if windows are being opened and a breeze of fresh air is allowed in to spice up the gamelan snippets and the other humbling tones. This is a nice sound palette to calm your day with, wether you have been sipping toe nail beer or anything else; it’s all good!

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