Crise Vitória + Animal Cracker – Split

Artists: Crise Vitória + Animal Cracker
Title: Split

Keywords: experimental são paulo uruguay ambient dronenoise Mariana

I went for this four course audio meal at this experimental sound restaurant. For starter I took the ‘Documento, testemunho, fita magnética, carta’ cooked up by the improvising chef cook named ‘Crise Vitória’. When it arrived on my plate it was a hefty meal that for a starter was definitely much larger than expected. The surface was like a moving rubbery drill pudding, the texture was moving, sometimes flubbery, other times it made squeaky mouse like sounds that seem to say; please eat me while I sing for you. It was quite a spectacular item on the menu to begin with.

To try out some more by this experimental top chef I had also ordered a fine plate of ‘Cinquenta vermelhas’. It took me ten minutes to get it all in my head, so you could imagine it being pretty large to be served for only one person. (Bring your friends along and enjoy it together I would say!) it was a luxurious sounding flavored meal, a flat tasty pastry of smooth and rawness most Devine. It melted in the head like a session of someone hovering a carpet next door; some things don’t make sense, yet feel powerfully relaxed and seducing like a healing session at a beauty farm. It was definitely one of those meals that are hard to describe, as the richness simply gave me so much stuff to ponder about. Once you go through the soft layers it might become a little bit spicy upon the ears, twinkling a bit of tropical noises through it before ending with a more hardened crunchy crust.

As another main I had ordered a audio meal by another chef cook in the experimental audio department; Animal Cracker’s Faria Lima colapso. I have to say that it was a welcomed dish that perfectly fitted with the flavors of the meals that I had engaged in before. It was nicely sparkling, comfortable on the tongue that made me dream of nearly cut grass and smelling the blue sky of a windless summer day. Such a nice texture, it just slips in like something that just wants to be inside of you, nicely vibrating in a satisfying way; water drips in my mouth just from thinking about it again…

As a dessert I went for another meal by the recommended audio cook named 4.
Animal Cracker. This one was titled ‘Baila sobre los enemigos’ and was even deeper in its textures; something cool and smooth, like a ice cream with a breeze of holistic shaman activity and mysterious culture sparkled on top. Every bite had something rhythmic as if it was served with a actual heartbeat inside; really smooth and strangely refreshing! After these four coursed meal I felt really satisfied & happy to point out the way for all you hungry audio delicatessen consumers:

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