Sarah Eide – Sarah Eide

Artist: Sarah Eide
Title: Sarah Eide
Keywords: americana boston folk feminist folk folk rock indiepiano roots rock singer-songwriter songwriter Chicago

Sarah Eide has created an collection of songs and placed them together as a release that she colorfully named after herself. It’s a sign that these songs are most personal and dear to the artist; the material she feels probably the closest about, the most personal involved, basically saying that these songs resemble her the most. I know from experience that it takes lots of guts to make an album, not only under your own name but also named as yourself; it means that someone is really passionate and confident about these ones & for this guts and courage I make a neat bow of respect towards Sarah Eide; chapeau!

As an outsider, not being Sarah Eide herself, it’s a nice peak to see a glimpse of the personality of this artist. Armed with a set of piano keys under her fingertips and a voice that only Sarah Eide possesses and controls she showcases different moods and zones, from intimate and seriously emotional to infectiously happy and folksy bluesy. I don’t know how to call it, but I can feel it in my own toes when she vibrantly happily sings ‘keep me on my toes’. Sometimes she sounds more dreamy, making her piano sound as if they are little heavenly clouds and her voice a clear case of a soul singing it all out. Whatever place her stories come from (probably her inner core) or do to you; they all sound very dedicated, full of love not only for the music, but also for herself and you as a listener; it feels as if you stumble in a short term relationship between the piano playing singer songwriter and is the open eared listeners.

Listening to her songs makes me want to know more about her, wishing there was a way to see and hear her performing her songs in the same place as me as a human being. The experience would probably blow my mind as just listening to her personal intimately passionate songs is already enough to make you feel as if you have known her for a long time & are in fact long time friends that you have had known for many years before, yet are just discovering. So nice to meet, this Sara Heide:

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