Ghost From The Trees – Fireworks on the sky

Artist – Ghost From The Trees
Title – Fireworks on the sky
Label – Self Release
Date – April 2017
Keywords: alternative anti-folk avant garde bedroom recording experimental folk freak folk home recordingindie lo-fi outsider outsider music Brazil
Link –
Reviewer: Wayne Rex

It’s no secret, I love lo-fi sounding recordings. There’s something quite magical and earnest about them, plus the DIY attitude is where it should be at. I don’t want to hear a 1k per hour engineers work sorting out all the bits that they deem unsuitable for the final recording or the song that an even more expensive producer deems fit for the general publics lug holes. I want to hear the skin and bone of what the artist is feeling and how they want it to sound. It’s organic and honest and like me when I record, a lot of these are recorded on a basic phone and mixed using free software.

Awdur, the man behind Ghost From The Trees appears to be a man after my own heart. This is as lo-fi and do it yourself as you can get. Each track is has a background hum like it’s been recorded outside and there’s atmosphere going on around the musicians bubble that is their song. Some may liken it to the crackles of LP’s but it’s more than that, it’s the distinctive lo-fi, home recording sound.

This recording, entitled ‘Fireworks on the sky’ is labelled by the artist as folk but to my ears it’s more indie than folk. It has acoustic grunge qualities to it, especially track 3, where dreams are, has a definite 90’s grunge vibe to it. This is no bad thing as it’s played differently than how you would expect. There’s no distortion, no bass and no drums. No whining screams, just a fella with his guitar and a handful of songs he’s written and has decided to record.

If I am to be overly critical, I’d say that they’re all a bit too samey for my tastes but I know many people who would absolutely love this kind of music. No criticism to the artist as he is obviously singing from the heart and doing a splendid job but indie is just not my thing. If you are a grunge fan or a Britpop, Oasis style fan then you really will enjoy this. (track 4, one more day, is a great example of this)

What I do dig, apart from the recording technique is the dismal and low feeling that each of these songs have. You don’t always want happy and positive. Hell, life is seldom that so why do you want a temporary escapes when you can find music that is made by someone who feels the same and you can share these feelings together. That is true musical healing and this record does this with no exception.

To sum this record up, I would say that it’s true lo-fi and that in itself should be celebrated. The songs are honest and played with integrity and soul. For my ears it’s all a bit too similar to each song and not my bag but I can see potential here and also can see that a lot of people, especially teens to young adults would really dig this music. Download or stream it for yourself and see what you think.

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