Convulsia Darklove – Life Is Pointless

Artist: Convulsia Darklove
Title: Life Is Pointless

Colorful personality, strong-voiced singer, real-minded song writer, dedicated DIY label runner, raw musician, a true character who is just at home in the Lo-fi punk sound as in the electronic roughness, positive thinker and entrepreneur from a unique caliber, husband and owner of some very fine legs to die for, a sweet tooth for satanism and a fierce eye on reality; Convulsia Darklove had teamed up with his beloved wife to create a handsome music video that will leave nothing to ones imagination!

It’s the attitude as sang in this song that many of us will feel in the gut, a painful reality that could just be as depressing as freeing; life is pointless! A conclusion that I once myself made in a stylish stylophone song named ‘life is fucking bullshit’, yet a refreshing return of this theme in my book of wise life lessons. Yes, life is pointless and so one does well to use and abuse it in any way they like it. Go on a holiday, drink that drink that you really want to drink, go for a flight without a parachute, scrap your pockets and get yourself that ticket to the tropics and basically do what you want; what’s stopping you from enjoyment?

Convulsia Darklove does it, clearly enjoying this life the fullest & with this great DIY video clip for this catchy possible eye-opening tune this fine artist shows no fear by showing off what the artist wants and needs to do; smoking cigarettes, shaking and dancing in the field without the burden of any Babylon rules and making this piece of art with the help of a dear loved one, for anyone (like you and me) who clicks it, loves it, needs it, and be enjoyed or even annoyed by it! Convulsia Darklove is free, not searching for the meaning of life any more & just lives it without anyone or anything stopping it! It’s pretty awesome!


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