id m theft able – 1 Drizzle and 7 Rains (for Billy)

Artist: id m theft able
Title: 1 Drizzle and 7 Rains (for Billy)
Keywords: experimental avant garde experimental field recordings noise portland maine sound poetry Portland

It’s always good to have a clear mind, artist id m theft able had one when he came up with a brilliant idea. It was so good that it basically would make many sound freaks (the ones who had devoted their lives to invent music automation devices or had assembled random people to play instruments of their choice in certain random ways) a casual middle finger of unpretentious smart-assery.

id m theft able wasn’t going in the shed, cutting wood, detach bicycle wheels and chains, spend years planning and writing down ways for machinery that could make nice listening music as you do absolutely nothing to make it happen. id m theft able doesn’t have to deal with hiring braindead personalities to play for him the sounds of music that he wanted to hear; no this man looked simply at the sky, saw it pissing down & knew what to do!

It was as if he made a deal with God & provided the garden with the instruments that would do well when they would be played by the perplexing drops of rain. He setup three hand drums and a toy piano and the holy water drips played them better than any avant-garde percussionist could do. The rhythmic sounds along with the actual nature environment in audio form become a superb melange of relaxing trip music that could honestly not be recreated by pure human hands. I’m not a religious person but it feels as if id m theft able had created a way to collaborate with this mystique figure, putting the holy act of urination on the planet to a musical good use…

Other collaborations with drips and drops & the choice of sound-things left in the rain by id m theft able are created while delightfully recorded with the ‘sharing is caring vibe’ in mind. So thanks to double smartness everyone can enjoy these works, like the lovely vibrant sound of apparently a glockenspiel playing in and with the rain, but also Balinese xylophones, a marimba, license plates and other rain-drops receivers are captured here. A real album that is relaxing for the artist ‘producing it’ as well as the listener listening to it; pretty much a recommendation!

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