Poly Chain – Music For Candy Shops LP

Artist: Poly Chain
Title: Music For Candy Shops LP
Keywords: electronic ambient beats dance electronica houseBerlin

Thanks to Feminatronic, I heard about this album full sweet flavors and delicious delicatessen! Let me tell you about these tasty audio tracks by Poly Chain: Salty Caramel is an excitingly flavored perfect mix of vibrant electronics, something that will tickle the fancy of persons who like that caramel taste shaped in rhythmic audio form, perfectly energized with the right salty bits in experimental music form. Of course the candy maker who is behind this piece has more for us in her candid candy store, but as a starter I’m pretty hooked by this delicate tastiness of this whole ‘Salty Caramel’ ordeal; so good!

Acid Bubble Gum is tasty for the ears too! One that feels so warm and kind that it simply melts upon hearing it. It’s as if it skips under your tongue, ready to be taking in to the body for a lovely psychedelic feel good experience. With a soft acidic tinkling tickling the senses of a sweet sound trip are presented & the result is that this Acid Bubble Gum is prettily intoxicating.

Or what about that lovely audio pastry named Peanut Butter? It’s so sweet, salty, and sticky. It’s texture becomes more crunchy with every induration; a true classic in the sweatshop department of Poly Chain. A place anyone should come to and visit often! I mean where else Gould you possible obtain a Mint Tea that sounds so sparkling & sugary in a refreshing psychedelic form? Or that incredible moving structure of Hazelnut that deliciously slips through the ears like a delicate flavor that sinks in the tongue…

Also recommended is the ‘melted marshmallow’ , one item that tickles with its crackles, softness that feels so good to munch on… If you had over now to this very delightful audio candy shop, you will be able to not only get all these sweeties, but also catch a nice blueberry to top it all off; delicious!


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