Big Hole & Joli – Collaboration

Artists: Big Hole & Joli
Title: Collaboration
Keywords: big hole experimental hnw harsh noise harsh noise wall joli noise Spokane
Reviewer: Simon Hit

A collaboration between a ‘Big Hole’ and Joli sounds on paper like a case for celebration, but the actual half an hour result in audio form, isn’t your average form of festive audio; this is vibrant Harsh noise at it most finest! A lengthy work that in general sounds stable in its crunched shape, but also managed to sound very fresh and highly energetic.

It’s a strange but great combination as the stability gives a listener the chance to soak it all up and continuously rinse your mind from all its dirt, while also tickling the nervous system into the urge to do some meaningful active activities. It’s a contrast that probably will lead to a dilemma that is fought internally, with the outside body of the listener completely frozen in a nice brain freeze from what-to-do-ness; receiving so much vibrant energy and yet being completely trashed by this wall that keeps you locked like a cemented statue that just wanted to be a rock.

I don’t know, I’m probably just mumbling over here right now, but forgive me; it is late and my brain has been successfully blistered by this collaboration. A thing that you might try out to apply to yourself:

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