Alcohbata – Time Warp

artist: Alcohbata
title: Time Warp
label: there is a label i just have zero idea what it is
keywords: dark, progressive, electronic, minimal, psychedelic, tech, Brazil

Hello again my dear pretty ones. I have come back once again because I am having a wonderful old time and haven’t blessed you with the divine words that drip from my mouth from time to time.

I have had a large coffee, and am dutifully ingesting nicotine. As such, which stimulated to these slight lengths I feel like rockin’ out and experiencing fun times in terms of psychedelia, trances, and the like. What better way than to listen to Alcohbata and their EP titles Time Warp?

The intro sets us up. It is called Intro Mod. What is being modded? Is it the intro? It at the very least introduces us to some distorted ambient soundscapes, machine nightmares screaming from the dream ether, warning those with the faint of heart to turn back now or forever hold their peas in the face of holy macaroni.

Fear not. This brave explorer has handled a wily pasta or two in his time on this planet and so we delve in further. I always get so excited when listening to trance/goa and the like. Especially when hyper. I really…feel…it. Unf, it makes me want to do sexy things, it makes me feel sexy and Alcohbata hits the nail on the head over and over and over as we get dredged to this peak of Time Warp. HOLY CRAP THIS IS TRACK 2! We’re already at the title of the EP in the second track.

Normally, I wouldn’t be acting like this but I’m really feeling it for the aforementioned reasons. When I used to peruse more potent stimulants, I would put on on their goa station and be pumped the fuck up for hours on end. This is the baby version of that. Sorry, I’m really feeling it. It’s just nicotine and caffeine man, get a grip.

Speaking of grips, this fucking distorted voice was sick as shit. And the artwork is awesome. This is some top notch shit. We’re moving onto Darknology. Quite a bit higher energy. This one is quite fucking dancey. I wish I knew how to dance because then I could get all these cool body rhythms going. Alas, something to never learn in the future, just lament that I didn’t take the time and effort to pursue. Shit, we’re all over the place tonight.

Next Level. Also solid. Fuck. At first I thought no big deal, but then the psycho feelings start rising up with the sweet ass synths and the crazy fun time bouncey weird feelings. Seriously, even if trance ain’t yo thang, the production quality of this is nuts.

Jatha gets pretty fucking quick. Laser beams drilled into your eye balls fast. Like speed of light laser drill drilling. Ya know. Science and fictions, making one new whole into the foray of genre and looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove. Feel the art forming around you, as if it were two pieces of organic life meshing their wonder bits together. Sorry, I’m all over the place tonight.

Ok On Planet has some flies and some yelling. Some voice thing. Don’t know where it was sampled from. Or if it is the artist speaking. Got tired of the voice to be honest. More wonderful blippity blips. Yay. Woo. Party. Time.

Morning Ritual sounds like something (and for all I know it could be) the character Patrick Swayze portrays in Donnie Darko. Then some fuckin piano notes. PIANO. THE KEYS. THEY SPEAK TO ME. Slightly. I like my pianos a bit more melodic. Anyways, we get into some harsher sounds and these fucking hi hats are sizzlin. Ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts

ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts tst. Solid.

Hey. This review sucked! Go figure. Get your copy here today. Or don’t. No one rules your life but you. Unless you give it up to somebody else. Why relinquish control though? Be the power in you that you want to see in and around your person if you’re into that sort of thing but no one rules your life remember? I don’t.

Oh right the link:




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