Grey Infantry / Dragstor

Artists: Grey Infantry / Dragstor
Title: –
Keywords: electronic downtempo industrial leftfield siberiatechno Barnaul

Welcome back at your most immortal and unreliable source for music (and things that come close to music..), to show that we are alive, we had the honorable honor to give you a write up for this double whammy between Grey Infantry and Dragstor. I don’t know if you knew them before I mentioned them, but in case that you did know them; congratulations! In case you had not hear of them before; Grey Infantry and Dragstor, people… they are a pair that will match your urge to walk around in matching marching ways… seriously, if you like stepping around on music that fits that action; Grey Infantry and Dragstor are all that you could ever had wished for.

At first this Grey Infantry steps in to provide a soundtrack for firm marching around; it has the kicks and that tone of power, with that sniff of something that could easily be described as ‘excitement that hangs in the air’. It makes me want to clap and stamp my feet while my face looks around with an eye for full detail of the surroundings around me. You know, the kind of music that bubbles in your stomach & tickles your sense of alertness.

But the Dragstor also fits the marching mood, with the steady tickers as a beat and a mysterious moody theme to keep the adventurous spirits up. Dragstor will be an easy soundtrack to slumber through wet catacombs in a waterproof costume, of course in darkness that is atmospherically lighted up by candlelight. It’s just one of those things that fits this part of the marching music the most, so even if you aren’t among graves, candles, darkness and wetness; you probably would go on a trip to find these perfect surroundings to compliment the experience of listening to this track.

So what is the humble end conclusion of the listening session of Grey Infantry & Dragstor? Well, they firmly fit together, both deliver marching music that keeps it atmospheric and alert. I really liked it, especially while wearing boots and stepping around in a World War Two kind of way… anyway, if it speaks to you, please do check it out at the following link:

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