Snuff American Style – The Isolation EP

Artist: Snuff American Style
Title: The Isolation EP
Keywords: electronic rock no wave post-rock Denver

Oh my goodness, this Snuff American Style and its ‘The Isolation EP’ and its side effects have the power to drown me in some hot feverish world that looks similar to a night in which too much (is that even possible?) LSD had been consumed & you had tumbled towards the corners of a unexpected scary trip. Who are these people talking? Is there a bunch of voices in my head? Is this really in the recording? Is this the material that needs my hands tucked away into a straight jacket?

Luckily this mental state of absurdity also comes with a moment of ‘radio heaving’, something that makes the darkness disappear and replaces it with a noise rock crack invasion in which these voices in the head become lyrical advocates, singing like a neurotic punk that loves that heroin stuff a bit much & whatever you would say as a good friend would make sure that they wouldn’t hold back to feed that habit… I imagine a lyric attempt in which the voice searches for words that rhymes with noose, but I’ll be dragged away by the music that pushes me straight to the local whisky bar; everybody got to have a fitting vice!

‘I Am Light’ is another chance to know what a angry colorful mental person would hear while in it’s insane comfort zone. It’s like a punk taking us for an alright ride over dodgy roads that are probably lighted up by Snuff American Style who is of course on fire over here.

Time to get some love and cosines to heal the wounds of the moral decay experienced earlier which gets a spot on this release as the “perversion” track. One in which a nice television voice tells us some anti communist things in the friendliest way possible; isn’t life good?
Good enough to turn sadness into happiness with a session of sensitive goodness named ‘swimming in gold’ in which cooking pans are the drums and a sensible voice is screwed by a vibrating autotune with a poppy backdrop; making it the catchiest moment on the entire EP over here…

But the coolest part must be the last one, a case named ‘war of attrition’, which seems to have come from that acidic moment of that next level dimension in which the Walls had melted, floors are shaky and everything looks a bit different than usually. It’s definitely dark, but the darkness sounds appealing, warm and probably more like the place to be preferred to the usual scene of proper daytime. When the entire release is finished you’ll feel like you have digested something that is properly filling, leaving you not bloated but just about right; a real nice case of diversity in a open minded form…

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