Dracular – Coyotes and Bees

Artist: Dracular
title: Coyotes and Bees
keywords: rock experimental hardcore math rock noise rock punk shitrock Minneapolis

You know that feeling of being among humans that you would do nothing better than chop up with a chainsaw? Kick in their sensible areas and get rid of their heads so you can see clearly & move around easier? It must happen to you, this feeling… I mean even the nicest, most sociable person must have a moment of wanting to burn everyone to the ground with a flame thrower? Just the thought might be satisfying to your mind, it does to me, the real thing is another ‘thing’; probably a bit too messy for me. (it’s probably worse to be covered in other people’s blood than smelling armpits in a packet vehicle of transportation…)

In any case, this feeling of violent thoughts to benefit the mind in not going into an actual murderous frenzy (usually) is what the tracks on this album by Dracular reminds me about…This manic state of music that tickles that edge and goes so well together with thoughts of going around with a sharp lawnmower over the busy shoppers standing in front of the cashier at the local super market. It’s a bit like the album artwork picture; a nice day on the beach with too much people occupying the beach & than a upcoming thunderstorm that would blow the whole bunch up in the air; fly like Mary Poppins with an parasol in the hand!

The music simply seems to go hand in hand with those fun but slightly devilish thoughts;
instead of doing my job, why not put laxation stuff in the coffee machine of the busy office?
Or the thought of hanging your boss upside down out of the window; it’s just so satisfying.
In any case, whatever your evil thoughts, this release will probably please your many ways:

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