Los Deformes – Saturno 5 (7″ & digital)

Artist: Los Deformes
Title: Saturno 5 (7″ & digital)
Keywords: another planet rock spain surf rock garage punkinsane spooky surf Greece
Label: Surf Cookie Records

It’s like you have been beamed up into space; a place occupied by tropical surfers from the good side of life, all banging their heads towards multifunctional organs, with snappy drums with a colorful surfers attitude. This is Saturno 5, a planetary system on its own, perfectly captured on a 7 inch vinyl as well as a digital collection of fine music files that might shiver your erotic areas in funkadelic attitudes. You might just get a complete rush from its hyper potential and it’s energetically fun vibe to come and squirt out enough erotic juices to let someone else surf over them!

Los Deformes (the bright people responsible for Saturno 5) did an amazing job to get your head into a scuba gear environment and kick you straight into the deep waves of exotic sunny vibes loaded with tons of good-willed energies! You won’t be allergic to this kind of surfers music as if you are, you would simply love your allergy enough to screw it!

This garage surf band has simply the power to turn moonshine into sunshine and sunshine into starlight sparkles! Drinking helps, but isn’t necessarily needed as … damn… these energetic feel gooders will put the world upside down just for you to shake you all about in funkadelic surfers land! Who would be unhappy while listening and discovering this galaxy of the feel good Saturno 5!

Whoohoo! Dressed in our bikini bottoms and our nipples hanging out; this is the music that creates the sunny vibes that our doctors recommended and the freezing homeless needed! It’s the EP that will make you think that “life is good” and “that it’s good to be alive”! Proper things that will cheer you up mentally & derange you nicely into the corners of active happy activities! Let’s shake those bums, lets shiver those side flaps of hipster meat and dance like you just don’t care!

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