Tryouts – Shapeshifters EP

Artists: Tryouts
Title: Shapeshifters EP
Keywords: alternative electronic experimental danceexperimental pop experimental rock Toronto

Good morning, rise and shine! It might be proper night time when you read this & on a day you are using to wake up from an incredible hangover; but who cares? You got to try things out and shape shift the words and experiences to tickle your senses… these Tryouts and the Shapeshifters EP might be good ticklers to do so and the tracks that lay upon them might even brighten up whatever time period or day that you are in; after all it’s music that this is about & its sounds that are in it. They sound very good!

So what’s tickling in these “shapeshifters”? Probably the shape shifting that happens inside of them. With needed baselines, friendly vocals, easy going claps and a electric rhythm that will move your bottom like a merry go round. It will shape shift into something big, fat and bright (not your bottom but the music..) and that is pretty much fuel to fly and feel good. It does it so well that you probably not even really know what has been happening to you; captured and taken away by fatness and the roundness of guitar with sparkling electronic vibes. They all sound so warm and nice, so much so that it might even cure the hangover through it’s good vibrations; shape shifting your toxic mind into a fruitful and lovable fresh one!

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