Walkstationer – Walkstationer Vol. 1

Artist: Walkstationer
Title: Walkstationer Vol. 1
Keywords:electronic future bass ambient chilloutchillwave electronic future funk japanmallsoft mediagaze newbreed plunderphonicspost-media post-vaporwave vaporwavewebwave Nagasaki
Reviewer: Dogwalker

Walking around with walkstationer in my ears is making my walk into a remarkable one. First of all my walking pace had been firmly controlled by the walkstationer rhythms, while my head got a bit like a cloud thanks to the walkstationer ambient tones. Thinking about it, walkstationer’s walkstationer made my walk into one that felt like I was doing it on the automatic pilot. With a fluffy head and a bit of hokey pokey in the wobbly legs the music was pulling the strings and I had became a walking puppet. Some tiny chopped up wood chips could have replaced my mind as the luxury of a functionary brain wasn’t really needed anymore.

Still I was happy that there was still something working up there, so I can tell you that the music brought me by my feet to stationary park somewhere in London. I thought it was good to mention here as you know listening to walkstationer’s walkstationer in stationary park sounds like “everything makes sense” and a fine case of “the universe playing humoristic games”. It is already a nice stationary walk from the beginning but I must say that with the progression of walkstationer it did get much nicer and better.

The grooves became more funky, things that I could feel in my ankles as well as my swinging elbows. The sounds became also more fun and so the fluffy cloud that it had created in my automated head became all nice with different colors, flavors and tastes; it made me feel like my head was a gigantic sugar plum that made me feel content and automatically pulled both corners of the lips of my mouth upwards, creating a content blissful smile upon my absent minded face; this walkstationer is having it all under control…

So please, feel free to join me for a walk if you could play walkstationer into your ears while doing it & maybe we will meet each other in stationary park, becoming an automatic parade of human puppets with strange smiles. Come, let’s do it & see you there:

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