Rousay / Taylor Duo – Rousay / Taylor Duo

Artists: Rousay / Taylor Duo
Title: Rousay / Taylor Duo
Keywords: experimental punk improv jazz San Antonio
Label: Rat Tail Tapes

The sold out smash hit of the very limited tape with music by Rousay & Taylor Duo might not be available to spend your pennies on, but the digital version is also up & might be just as good! Who knows, if you (for any reason!) do not own a tape player, the digital version might be in fact exactly what you should need!

For the people who pissed next to the pot and don’t know about this legendary sold out tape and the digital version; let me say a few words about it; Mind blowing improvisation that might successfully tranquilize your thoughts into infinite lazy relaxedness. Just one of the happy making items on this collaboration is the happy sounding ‘balls’, not sure where the name had come from & how it relates to the music… was it that Rousay & Taylor Duo had the balls to do and create it together? To let themselves go and play to see the music go with whatever the music had in mind?

Maybe they sat on those big inflated balls that they use for some yoga sessions as they play their instruments in a way that sounds so wildly comfortable? It doesn’t suck balls so that is probably not it, but who knows,artists sometimes have low self esteem and do not know that they are actually onto the goodness of success.
In any case, this ‘balls’ just passes by in no time, a rare thing that only happens when music is enjoyable.

Of course we should discuss how the things sound and the style of music that they had created and we can harvest, but ‘no’ that is something you can invest your own time in by the act of listening to ‘balls’ yourself. I do would like to say that it made me feel sunny, dreaming away of a listening session in a hammock on a tropical beach with a oddly colored cocktail with a tiny umbrella and a slice of lime into it; not bad for ‘balls’, eh?

But legend tells us that ‘balls’ isn’t the only thing that had been so worshipped on these sold out tapes, there was also this nice lengthy session of ‘pre-rain’. To put balls and pre-rain together is a choice that makes me feel as if pre-rain is a code word for pre cum, but that is probably just because it’s a point of interest over here at the hard working office of ‘yeah I know it sucks’ and doesn’t necessarily has anything to do with the awesome music that has been performed here by Rousay & Taylor Duo.

It’s pretty captivating this ‘pre-rain’ and also here they make sure to entertain in such a way that time passes by like a quick flash of goodness. They do sound more rocky, punked up and funkily free from stubborn music rules resulting in material that is not only cool, but sometimes even makes you want to dance or at least wants to wiggle your toes wildly along with. Where ‘balls’ was a relaxed session of hammock cocktail material, pre-rain is the rebellious side of going around the alleyways and kicking over trashcans, throw things around and kick things because we feel jolly and good & it’s a energetic experience to do so!

But don’t be fooled, Taylor Duo & Rousay do not sound the slightest bit aggressive, they aren’t the ones that go around beating the bush with a bad attitude, they clearly are the creative people that sound so free and freeing. They simply scooped up an effective sort of energy that they can infect listeners with & that is super fine to be infected with! No wonder that the tape got sold out so quickly & so many people click the following link to obtain the digital version of these fine musical happenings:

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