Schmaidl – Hangouts

Keywords:experimental avant-garde drone electronicafield recording instrumental minimal minimalistmusique concrete noise sound artUnited Kingdom
Reviewer: Furchick

Today I am here to tell you about Schmaidl’s Hangouts out on The Committee for Sonic Research.

Originally released as a limited edition artisan CD in late May, which is now sold out, we are able to here it on band camp at a very reasonable cost of “name your price”.

When I read that The Committee For Sonic Research, a project headed by Dental Drill, worked with Schmaidl providing creative feedback during the process of putting Hangouts together I knew that the sound quality would be good before even listening.

This album has a sensible 6 tracks which I think is a thoughtful move. There is a tendency these days for experimental and electronic artists to release huge albums with long tracks and this can detract from the listening experience. This album is a neat package and the tracks fit together like an album should.

The first track “Not all churches are buildings” has intense layers of sound that are best heard with headphones. In the background a sweet sound like a see saw or a swing moving in the wind cuts through and it feels like sitting in a deserted church yard and a storm has just passed. Its not scary by any means. More like a sound track to the start of an independent film.

“Space suit” flows nicely from the first track, and there is a building heart beat, excitement growing. The voices of a man put me in a space ship, with a robot in control. The definition of all the instrumental tracks is superb. The changing levels of the track layers work well and the synthesiser keys are lovely sounding. It feels like I am waiting for a space landing. A return to Earth.

The next track “Keats meow” features cat voice by Keats de Kinsâme is short and fun. It breaks up the seriousness of the preceding tracks and changes the mood. Its rhythmic and more traditional in structure but definitely not normal. Its playful and cheesy, in a good way.

The fourth track “Timelapse” is probably my least favourite track because I confess I am not a fan of this style of beat and structure. Having said that though it is well crafted and I didn’t feel at all compelled to skip.

“Counterfeit sunset” has some lovely layers that sound angelic and the synth sounds are really unusual and I enjoyed how they juxtaposed against each other. Its sad and beautiful and the use of what I assume are radio recordings was a surprise in this one.

Some may disagree with the track title “Ambivalence is not apathy” but this is no apathetic musician. Clearly Schmaidl has poured his heart into to making this album. I would recommend either listening to it in the dark, or put on an old silent SciFi movie as this would make a great sound track to that.

You can listen here:

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2 Responses to Schmaidl – Hangouts

  1. Linda says:

    I love it! Indeed a very nice listening experience on the headphones. Makes every drudgy workplace a dream-away hangout.

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