Davis – Davis Selft Titled

Artist: Davis
title: Davis Selft Titled
keywords: Davis
label: Num Num Nah Records

The audio underground has a vast amount of free music available,
some are cooler or dirtier than others, lengths vary as well, but there is lots of individuality out there music-wise. Take this track by Davis for example, it really proofs itself to be a real one-minute-man-friendl- one; using that famous drum break in slow rolling fashion, plus a sinister muffled-ness bass-wise and even(thanks and praises for that!) the sound of a personal telephone !

It might be short, but it really hit the nail on the head why the free music underground is so great;
Davis is simply introducing itself in a single epic minute of low lying music that normal people normally would snub their noses for & walk over… But for us dodgy underground dwellers that appreciate the directness of pure personality in music form; these kind of one-off free downloadable tunes are the top of the crops!

I could of course write an entire essay about why such a one minute moment of Davis is so important, but why writing a book that you have to look at for hours if there is just the track to grab and hear for yourself? So, yes, there you go:

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