Feral & Debutante – split

Artists: Feral & Debutante
Title: split
Keywords:alternative drone drone pop noisenoise rock post-punk shoegaze Zurich

Feral’s What’s The Worst That Could Happen’ sounds like a consuming bath of danger that you would like to jump in, just to experience Satan himself sucking up your breath away. A kiss of death, lips locked onto each other and Satan taking your last air supply upon himself, leaving you in the empty position of a lifeless plant that might not make it into next season!

Feral’s Cry Yourself To The Hanging is more like a experience of a suicidal eighties kid, having the miserable misery of a jilted generation completely covered within the music, worldly lyrics and the attitude of all becoming desperately doomed; everything sounds like an meteor would crash onto earth and hungry vampires are hunting down the last humans on earth that are going to die anyway from the outer-space impact.

Debutante is responsible for the last work on this release, also keeping its lid on darkness and depression, depriving us from anything that reminds us of sunlight and eternal brightness, slowly poisoning us with grey mass that turns poisonously dark and deadly. When the song’s lyrics appear, all energy will suck down towards your socks and the joy of life becomes completely joyless; Debutante drains it all out in this moment of sickness in music form. It will turn a healthy person into one with black bagged eyes and a pale unhealthy skin; perfect for if that is the look and feel that you wanted to go for!

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