Ray Kosmische – Neatball

Artist:Ray Kosmische
Title: Neatball
Keywords: ambient art rock crane house recordsexperimental psychedelic sound collageNottingham

Here they come, stepping along on their Imperial Stride. With music they love and awkwardness in their souls, ready to shake their shakers, hit their percussions and blow their horns of magic. With experimental shortly-lived in betweens & Septembers Wind Of Change to calmly blow the strings of a guitar probably owned by a sweet mental person. The notes of the wind passes by in a lovable fashion, just adding more glorious glows on the musical spectacle.

This is the magical Neatball parade of Ray Kosmische, a personal troubadour who isn’t afraid to dwell into the abyss of absurdism and gives it a experimental cosmic empirical jazzy sauce for us to wade through. His tour of sounds are colorful and sometimes even so deep into abstraction that the whole marching view just vaporizes in front of you, creating a illusion of smoke and clouds that will make you feel as if you’d accidentally swallowed a psychedelic experience inducing liquid of some kind. It’s all in the plan of Ray Kosmische and his adventurous showcase of how boundaries of music can be crossed, expended and even shrunk into cloudy particles.

It listens away almost like a psychedelic radio show in which the broadcaster’s task is nothing less than hypnotizing you with unexpected things. Creating a never boring soundtrack that changes for the best, feeding us weird voices, fine rhythms and magical strangeness to trip in. When the twinkling bells appear you might want to prepare yourself to return to the buzzing city by popping some corks and fill up your tummy with the last bite of music. You might even want to rewind the whole bit and start all over & who knows, maybe Ray Kosmische has the power to read your mind and do it for you!

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