Rûl – Gitarmusik

Artist: Rûl
Title: Gitarmusik
keywords:electronic antwerp ghent gitarmusikmediocre Gent

Throw your sweaters, scarves, mittens and woolen hats away as thanks to this album by Rûl you will be warm enough for a whole winterish season. Rûl simply brings the lovable heath with every stroke on its guitar towards the ears, warming you up so much from the inside out that you might as well go around naked in a freezer; you’ll be immortal from cold with Rûl by your side.

No need for hard liquor, campfires, hot baking ovens and other friendly ways to stay warm as Rûl simply made the album that is all that you would ever need to save you from freezing. The excellence from this album is that it is even attractive for people who aren’t very much into traditional guitar music.

Rûl is one of those fancy creators that use their guitar to pass boundaries and use them in their experiments to create interesting music suitable for all kind of open minded ears. Even the electro freaks might want to join in and serve up this lovely heart-warming album to their own surprise and enjoyment. Too nice that Rûl didn’t make its sound sounding too hot to handle, or too specific in the guitar department as now it’s a joyful journey (even the darker shimmery bits) for all who enjoys the adventures in open minded music land!

Even the darker bits are bright, inducing a right balance to the challenged listener’s mind to be warmed up by & tickle the intelligence side of the brain as well. How nice it is this production of gitarmusic by Rûl. A really nice thing that you could dive into when clicking the following link:

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