Marilyn Roxie – Devil’s Own Luck

Artist: Marilyn Roxie
Title: Devil’s Own Luck
Keywords: electronic, experimental, ambient

Marilyn Roxie Devil’s Own Luck has all that might frighten you so much that there might be a possibility that you’ll jump up like a trapped cat & be stuck in the awkward position of a high tree. Make sure you have a working mobile phone in your pocket in case something like this happens & you need to call the handy people at the fire station to come over with their long ladder.

From the killer sound of a silent nature to the dangerous sounding steps of a devilish creep who had been possessed by a bass-loving hollowness. These creepy minutes shimmer over the ground and hold your breath like a pure choker, soundtracks that can strike you out of nowhere and trigger a banger of diarrhea if you are one of those people that are easily frightened…

Luckily Marilyn Roxie Devil’s Own Luck comes with the perfect escape vehicle, a dangerously farting motorcycle that you could jump on and drive away from the danger zone… it will take you to a automatic spin into a safe zone in which church friendly organ material does its herbal thing to bring comfort and safety. I guess it’s a classic case of a church being a holy safety place, a fable perhaps but apparently not in this Marilyn Roxie’s world…’s+Own+Luck+-+04+Raphael.mp3

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