Pavorama – Bitter Futuro

Artist: Pavorama
Title: Bitter Futuro
Keywords: bitter futuro

Hello and welcome at another amazing write up that tries to tell you how the things are that you could hear all along for yourself. This time a free downloadable release by the noisy sounding Pavorama. What a nice name “Pavorama”, it makes me automatically think of ‘panorama’ but with a ‘v’ instead of a ‘n’. It’s a fitting link as these soundscapes might be described as panoramas with offbeat happenings in them. Most of them are fuzzy, others more shaky but all not the most mainstream things you would find. But still Pavorama has included a hit, so that is where I’ll start this nonsense with:

The ‘hit’ is something that shakes the bones like a funky toothbrush hold in a busy shaking hand that’s attached to a armband decorated shaman in the middle of a psychedelic inducing ritual. That’s something special, isn’t it? But f you think that’s already something, you might be surprised to hear what comes after the “hit”. It’s a work named “Era jovem e já trabalhava na forja” and is a larger than life name for a track that sounds fuzzy like a fresh fish suffering for its life on a hot plate, owned by a knife sharping chef that can’t wait to chop it all up.

What’s next you might wonder? A tea party? A weirded out lady with a beard jumping on a trampoline? No, no, nothing like that… it’s just another track that is a bit on the harsher spectrum of the sound festival. This one is called “Eu quero ser naif” and is like a more grueling alien and it’s alienating instrument that plays it while being completely soaked under a loud waterfall. It’s the instrumental session that is loud enough to go through the colossal hiss and that’s good to know, after all who doesn’t want to hear alien artistic happenings?

Let’s say that the next track named “Bitter Futuro” is more sounding like a pimped up window wiper that swipes harshly eternal thick falling snow from a car window. It also might remind of a chopper, a helicopter blade that circles around making the dust on the ground fly up like it’s nothing. The last part served by Pavorama is a more smooth one, taking the time to provide the sound of a delicious good “Psycho Saturday Morning”. Nice and heartless, cold and emotionally absent; something to sit in and let the time pass.

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4 Responses to Pavorama – Bitter Futuro

  1. Linda says:

    Maybe it’s the network authorizations here, but I cannot listen to or download the files.

  2. kainobuko says:

    oh no, maybe its Babylon against free downloadable legal information / music etc.. the evils of big business and hollywood ball-busters :-/ got to fish for a way around it ❤

  3. kainobuko says:

    … it is all part of a ‘bitter futuro’

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