Verme – W0rW [EP]

Artist: Verme
title: W0rW [EP]
keywords: drone experimental hnw harsh noise industrial noise noise br noisecore power electronics anti-music brasanoise harsh noise Brazil
label: Exhaust Valve Records

Alarm bells ring as if they are horny frogs in the pool, making their advanced lover-seeking sounds out of their squeaky mouths in the hope to engage in a sexual encounter. A whole load of eggs might be made that night, investing the entire water place with wires full of future frog baby fishes, that is if it weren’t just fragments of the imagination that appeared while listening to W0rW by a certain Verme.

I was tagged to hear this, don’t know by who or why, maybe it was Verme or perhaps a touch of the universe that wanted me to envision this wet pool scene of green wort loving sexy froggies, but whatever it was; it was good enough to share it with you. This W0rW EP didn’t only made me fantasize about these jolly friends in need for a hookup in the water, it also made me think of… indeed… water itself.

Especially W0rW2 (the W0rW EP comes in three tracks) which sounded like a sweet rainfall near the pool that truthfully had a lot of romance into it. W0rW3 also continued this rainy coziness, nicely painted in a harsh noise palette that felt super natural, as if Verme had taken its recordings equipment into the rain (obviously with an umbrella) and recorded the whole scene for us to enjoy.

The frogs might only join in the first part of the EP, but that made the other parts more as if they indeed had ‘cum’ , as if they had reached their climax & could now simply be silent enjoyers while smoking a cigarette in the rain… Yep, W0rW has captured a nice imaginative moment & you don’t need to be a horny frog to be able to enjoy it.

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