The Sidleys @ Cool Dog Concerts


The Sidleys @ Cool Dog Concerts
Keywords:Melodic Soul-influenced Indie Rock

At Cool Dog Concerts you could only expect the coolest concerts, not necessarily given by dogs, but still the animality is definitely there! Take for example this cool band The Sidleys. Oh my goodness, you never heard of the “The Sidleys’? They must be the coolest band on earth right now! With their good looks, skills on their instruments and their ultimate stage presence they will leave every concertgoer wooed from their talent.

This video of The Sidleys showing that their branch of music is very much worth the Cool Dog Concerts stage, is one that goes down in the history books like a historic event that should be mentioned in every history class. These The Sidleys simply do it all right, making an organic performance that fills up every chair in the venue, triggering huge applause from any audience member no matter what troubled state they are in & do it in such a way that it almost feel as if it cost no effort at all!

The Sidleys family with Sean, Colin, Ian, Steve and Annie Sidley at Cool Dog Concerts in Dover, must have been one of the best concerts ever to have happened. And thank the good lords of the internet & modern day recording techniques that a few of these precious concert moments have had been captured and uploaded for all our enjoyment! You might have missed the real moment of this live sensation, but you could still enjoy them in action! Forever and ever! The Sidleys, the coolest live band in the entire galaxy!

For more “The Sidleys” please consider browsing to the official website:

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