Eris and Dysnomia – Ra

Artists: Eris and Dysnomia
title: Ra
keywords: ambient ambient dark ambient electronic experimental new age sound art space music Aukra

Eris and Dysnomia brings us the fresh breaths of air after an islandic day in the tropical sun.
When the evening turns orange, fading towards the blackness of the sky in which sparkling stars dance and glitter; Eris and Dysnomia provide the perfect soundtrack to compliment the scene.
The Ram Of The West Rules From The Mesektet’ sounds like a smooth night fall, still exhaling the many activities of the day, blurring them all out in the night time for a relaxing cleanup. You could hear and experience the waves crushing on the beach, taking away the rubbish back into the big deep depths to feed the mysterious of the sea.

After the fine take over and new arrived hygienic cleanness of a refreshed tropical beach, Eris and Dysnomia had been so kind to bring ‘The Falcon On The Edge Of The Duat’, a moment of pure peace and inner relaxation. With a lovely warm breeze the music aims to calm down, a thing that successfully works out in fanciful new age ways; gosh, it’s almost better than heroin!

But when they come up with another magnificent lengthy collaboration named ‘The Falling Tears Of Creation’ you will wade around in an audio world that might take you over, overwhelms your inner senses and pushes your eyes to generate some tears from pure orgasmic beauty. This is clean, warm & all absorbingly loving. Music that is amazingly emotional in a grotesque beautiful way; if you don’t feel it, you probably have no heart and are advised to either return to your grave, or visit a doctor…

After being all mentally relieved it’s time for the sound of absent mindless, it comes as ‘The Glorious Emergence Of The Mandjet’ and feels as a lengthy air flow of unarming spirits that wants nothing more than taking care of you, cherish you with love and respect in their protecting auras of ghostly wisdom. Last but certainly not least, or the shortest, is the ‘The Blood Transformations Of Hu And Sia’, which is like standing on the corners of the earth itself, being sang to by a choir of fairytale creatures that seem to warn us for the day of a upcoming apocalyptic event. They bang the doors of heaven, just for us to know that we have to hurry up to make our decision of jumping in, or staying out… Impressive stuff!

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