Сольвычегодск – Сезон отопления

Artist: Сольвычегодск
title: Сезон отопления
keywords: punk spoken word ariergard black metal free jazz grunge mash post-hardcore prank hardcore rearguard regressive speech Russia

Hello, is there anybody out there? I’m having problems with the neighbors, they have been playing very loud and strange music & the walls are as thin as kitchen towels. I tried to bang them (not the neighbors but the walls), knock on the door and call them on their land line, but only to be greeted with more loudness through the telephone. I kept asking ‘hello, hello’ in the hope someone would be answering the phone & the strange music would be faded down, or at least to be explained… but after a short time period I actually started to enjoy this odd music. Next to saying ‘hello’ I started to actually listen; a thing that involved both ears and (if a person has one) a brain… It’s an interesting thing, something that you might actually enjoy to try!

I could hear through the phone (and the thin walls) a great amount of guitar noises, drums and words done in a language that I do not understand. Sometimes it was just weird screaming, as if someone was passionately in pain, probably mistaken for a rooster who had been groomed for the slaughter and now realized its destiny & tries to cry its way out. I could hear loud drums and bass bashing so loud along with these guitar noises that the liquid content inside my glass of self-medication was thrilling like the glass of water in that legendary Jurassic Park movie; but instead of one gigantic dinosaur approaching it was acting like a complete anarchistic horde came rolling in, always stopped abruptly by probably profound words that didn’t sound all too friendly.

The more I listened, the more the sound of complete mayhem established itself, making me feel like I was tuned into a scene of domestic violence, with hot heated heads accompanied by extreme music to wipe out any sensibilities. I don’t think they even had noticed that they had forgotten to hang up the telephone & that my ears had been hooked to hear this madness from the inside out. These neighbors must be on the edge, probably punkers or a family of vile worded manic straight edge loud music bangers, they didn’t seem like they would reply to my many ‘”hello’s” and I don’t think it would be safe to stand in front of their door with a request to please keep the noise down; these people sound as if they would put any complainer under the ground for no one to discover…
It’s either to move out, or accept their violent music and become one with it; a thing that might involve drilling holes into the wall to even have a louder reception of it all…
Or just listen to the following album on the loudest possible volume:

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