Eli Keszler – Last Signs of Speed

Artist: Eli Keszler
title: Last Signs of Speed
keywords: eli keszler Berlin
label: Empty Editions http://www.emptyeditions.com/

Sometimes your internet travels might make you stumble upon an artist and a specific album done by this artist that might be the best discovery of the day. It doesn’t even matter that many had visited (and clearly enjoyed) this album before you, making you feel slightly bypassed in the knowledge of good-music land, yet not enough to be fully thrilled to discover something interesting, very amazing and definitely something you love. It made me wonder, why I had never heard of this album and the creator, but it also made me appreciative for the fact that it came now to me in my stumbling internet travels as it was the perfect timing to be amazed & it’s a nice conformation that there is always a time and a place for something amazing to wonder about.

It would be funny that after this whole paragraph of mumbling info, I would tell you that this wasn’t the case with this wonderful album by Eli Keszler, but of course “Last Signs of Speed” was exactly the album that I was chatting about. Discovering it made me so happy that I needed to share it with you, dear reader. You know I love you & yes, that might sound super cheesy, but ‘hey’ so be it. So yes, Eli Keszler’s Last Signs Of Speed’ maybe you already heard it, many times, but in case you too was one of these persons who had been sticking your head in the sand, or had been living under a rock for most of the time, or had simply never been informed by the good music appreciating crowd (they sometimes like to keep the best things for themselves…) about this album; here is your chance, as… well… you are reading this and let me tell you this album is pretty damn good! No doubt about it!

But what is so good about it, how does it sound like, what is the music style? What is it that will make you so happy upon discovery? So many questions, so very little answers; its one of those things that are unanswered as the music on this release feels a bit beyond the music realm. It’s the kind of material that is definitely music, but indescribable. It’s not a define soundtrack, or ambient, or backdrop material; it’s more like something advanced, like micro dreams forming one big one, yet completely undefinable & avoiding successfully any attempt to be put in boxes, genres and other square closedmindedness.

My best possible description might be that it sucked me straight in, but in a way that it felt like it was doing it in a way that you don’t even really seem to notice it. It’s a smooth process, very kind to the ears, a bit like a classic hypnotizer who holds an amulet on a chain in front of your eyes and moving it from side to side until you are completely in this person’s power. There it can do whatever it wants to do with you, a thing that also feels a bit as something that the music on this album does;
it goes beyond expectations, defies common sense by complete out-of-the-box ways of composing, with sniffs of all the best in music land, all clayed into this dream-like audio world that sounds like nobody had gone there before, even though many audio fans had probably walked this magical path that Eli Keszler had shaped and created. So yes, no descriptions of these fine tracks, just a case of fanatical praise and a total recommendation to anyone who was just as clueless about this phenomenon as me; listen to this album and spread the word:

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One Response to Eli Keszler – Last Signs of Speed

  1. Linda says:

    Did not read the review, went straight to the link. Misread the first song as “sudden slaughter, slaughter without reason” and expected the worst noise ever.

    Such a relief 😀

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