Devil Jin – Soul of Devil Jin

Artist: Devil Jin
Title: Soul of Devil Jin
Keywords: experimental abstract avant-garde body horrordevil jin electronic experimental heavy metal horrorhorrorcore los angeles playstation shoegaze vaporwavevgm Windsor

Dancing with the Devil comes with a fierce price; first you will need to put your soul away and afterwards you’ll need to replace it with a weird music taste that’s a bit devilishly odd in the taste-department. I did it and it felt not so bad at all, in fact I felt like I had sold out to a possessed sounding mister Oizo, you know that sock puppet who (at his turn) sold out to Levi jeans…

once completely sold, a strange oddness felt in place, making me feel as if I had been the seventh guest in a odd quest in which every guest had to find a way to interpret the weird noises that this sock puppet was making. It didn’t make much sense, this game, still I thought I was into something meaningful and bizarrely useful.

I don’t know, but this release of my own soul and the return of the music that this album had given me felt like an extremely bizarre combination. Especially when a moment named “MF Jin” hopped in, making me feel like I had been in a Asian orientated establishment while western swords clanged into each other. I know that it sounds very weird on paper, not making any sense at all, but trust me in audio form it just doesn’t get any more sensible too.

Afterwards “Devil Jin” goes deeper in the abyss of its own mental health hazardous mind and provides us the deep sounding one minute “fight”. Something that sounds like a slimy beat that edgy snails would love and cherish. More rhythmic happening is established in a shimmeringly mysterious sounding “Versus”. The K.O. Track didn’t make life easier, still bringing devilish deep beats and a eerie feeling to all who attends. The final “Fin” slaps in the last part that sounds like a collaboration with a high tech robot & a digital spirit; a nice match to top it all off!

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