Cleopatria – Gutural Femenino

Artist: Cleopatria
title: Gutural Femenino
keywords: cleopatria, colombia, gutural, femenino, pop, lo-fi, marbelle, shakira, marta traba, divine, AUC, bogota, juancho polo valencia

If lo-fi tropical tunes by a Colomian underground goddess with a indestructible attitude named Cleopatria is something that gathers your interesting interests, than you should obviously be thrilled that this Cleopatria exist & her album named “Gutural Femenino” is out there in free downloadable internet-land freely awaiting your arrival. It’s 15 tracks long and covers a whole array of interesting happenings, from talking snippets to super cool beats and under the table swingers! You don’t need to speak or understand the language that Cleopatria is performing in to know that she is awesome & that to spend time in her companionship is like being like a lucky character straight out of ‘pippi longstocking’ adventures.

With “Gutural Femenino” Cleopatria simply throws out whatever comes to her mind & there isn’t a real sad bit included, mostly all positive happy material that sounds cheeky and fun. With low fidelity instruments and sounds, she proofs that it’s not the hi-tech that makes something cool and good, but the attitude and joy of freedom & of course the art of recording killer tunes that reminds of a don’t give a shit style in the lovely sun! Even if Cleopatria hits an emotional string she does it with a bright ‘la-la’ to top it off in a nice glow of intimate loveliness.

Recently our main head of comments ‘Linda’ discovered that some places might be blocked from the Internet Archive website that this release is living on, but free legal albums like this is definitely worth to find a way to go around these obstructions, be naughty and rich in mind & find the happiness that shines out in all that Cleopatria has captured on this bright quirkiness of a happy album!

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  1. linda says:

    It all works fine at home!

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