More Eaze / The Freebiez – More Eaze / The Freebiez ‘Split’

Artists: More Eaze / The Freebiez
Title: More Eaze / The Freebiez ‘Split’
Keywords: cassette diy eclectic experimental vinyl freebiezmore eaze noise pop New York

A split is almost always fascinating; will it work? will it be about someone splitting the legs or about a togetherness of two music projects that are tucked together for a fine corresponding experience? In the case of More Eaze and The Freebiez it is definitely about music, although it might be good fun to indeed twist your legs in that split position while listening to it.

Somehow this position does sound not unsuitable to do while listening to the lengthy “entertaining distractions” by this ‘More Eaze’, who created a futuristic electronica work with vocals and a fanatic retro feel that feels very yoga friendly. A mindful trip that slowly established itself on a rhythm of pure hypnotics; a track that intrigues and hooks anyone up like a fresh caught fish on a well established fisherman who is on the top of its game. No one wants to escape this friendly synthesizer material, stuff that gets only better and more dreamier as it continues! Who can resist this bite? I certainly can’t!

Of course keeping yourself in the split position for 13 minutes straight might be a bit much, but More Eaze’s music might make it absolutely possible; time simply goes fast forward in a way that you don’t even notice that it’s passing; it’s truly magic. Good thing that there is More Eaze after More Eaze, meaning that there is another track coming from this irresistible music project. This one is “caught a body” which dives deeper in experienced experimental music experimenting with a fancy rhythm and warm vocal eccentricity. It feels like listening to something futuristic from the past, super friendly and disorientating in a way that is absolutely together. Things shake, love can be felt and genres are bended for pure heartfelt perfection. What can I say, as a music loving fish I would still definitely bite this delicious bate!

Although if I had the choice between these two tracks and the ones also lurking around in this split by The Freebiez, I wouldn’t know which one to bite. The first one, named “Patricia” is intense and intriguingly intimate and personal sounding. A love letter in music form with a energetic undertone that is practically approachable for dreamers and energetic dancers alike. This “Patricia” even has a serious raw attitude included, making it possible to capture a certain punk intensity that feels as if the love letter approach has worked and The Freebiez are now making love to our LSD loving brain-centers of our mind! Intensively wicked in a sweet insane way! Even the happy clappers can’t destroy that feeling of wanting to be & have a part of it!

The last part of this exciting split is ‘ch4rli3 br0wn’ also by The Freebiez. One that shapes with big sounding crushes and kicks a firm dreamy stepper that gets a futuristic effect by the use of vocoder style vocals that stamp its way through it. It feels intensively psychedelic, with its glittering synthesizer sparkles that are decorating this construction nicely. Here again, The Freebiez provide a danceable dreamy attitude that you could easily feel like switching in between from; shall we sit and trip the F out or shall we try to follow the rhythm and dance in awkward retro-futuristic ways towards the end of this record? It’s probably advised to do both, or even to just play it all on repeat and try different approaches of enjoying it! I have enjoyed them both on a bottomless stomach filled with booze & must say; can’t wait to go for the sober experience while attempting to sit in the split position!

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