{AN} Eel – Demon Lot

Artist:{AN} Eel
Title: Demon Lot
Keywords: experimental
Label: Dog Park

Asthma, eating disorders, dadda craziness, old nostalgia of computer days invested with insects and never ending gameplay, sweet memories, alien oddness, singing under the shower, the legendary goblin voices in your head, therapeutic snippets and other mental mentalities; {AN} Eel seems to have gathered them all and melted them down straight into a blooming melting pot that is conceptually called ‘an album’ by most people. I’ll call it an experimental goodness, not only for the artist to create but also to hear for any listener into this world. What will it do to you & what will it do for you? These answers can only be answered by these brave personalities that have the guts to dig into these happenings created by this interesting character named {AN} Eel.

To me (as a test person) these tunes had gone sometimes a little odd, a bit into the unexpected fields of audio cacophony, (no idea what the word means but somehow it sounds and looks fittingly good.) this SomeTimes is mostly a all-the-times when my ears are observing the musical escapees coming out of {AN} Eel it’s colorful brain, hands, mouth and assortment of sound generators. It is a true fitting fit for the Dog Park Recordings catalogue, a label that houses the echoes of sanity, the recklessly absurd, the artistic friends at the psychic ward & the ones that defies all the borders, squares and attitudes of the socially acceptable. It’s a great bunch of people (and animals) and music in which any misfit fits in & could fully enjoy the feeling of being home and loved in.

To me, {AN} Eel underlines this homeliness with the presence of this album, a release in which you never know what to expect and the unexpectedness becomes evidentiary the expected! …and even that is twisted and turned around, astonishingly crossing the unexpected expectations in ways that even they will be pushed over the edge. With each track traveling over pure diary-worth material it feels as if the artist had opened up the door, allows you to sit on his lap while sprinkles with joy his aura all over you. Take a listen and bewilder yourself with this demon lot:

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