Jon Tessier – Like The Sun

Artist: Jon Tessier
Title: Like The Sun
Keywords: alternative electronic garage hard rock indie poprock alternative rock doom pop dream pop indie rockSpain

I was walking on a sunny day in the park when suddenly Jon Tessier’s “Like The Sun” started to play through my headphon es. I wasn’t prepared for it, hadn’t heard it before and suddenly the exposure to this track made my pants drop till my ankles, an act that made me tumble until I quickly fell with my nose into the mud. When I sniffed it up I realized it was actually cow-shit and this realization in combination with the tune by Jon Tessier I made the thought that I must be blessed to be stricken down through music & to be greeted with the favorable smell of ‘nature’.

It doesn’t happen a lot that a song or a tune has this effect on me, this was really something that it made me trip over my own feet. While still firmly holding my nose in the cow-shit I continued the listening session; what a warm voice this Jon Tessier has, what a vibe of old and new, a future sound for something that could be a love child between an early “here comes the sun” Beatle & a ‘here comes the heroine’ velvet underground member, yet this love child was massively upgraded with a thick music sound that could (and did!) bring a grown man down!

It was good that Jon Tessier his hit sounded like this & had such an effect that took me so much by surprise. It was also good that it was only one single as I don’t know if it would be possible to listen to an entire album with my nose still stuck into this semi fresh pile of cow poop; but the smell of nature, the sun on my back and the sheer effect of this song that had made me fall down like a tree who didn’t see a chainsaw coming, was something that made me not only respect the song & music production skills by Jon Tessier, but also the entire situation; gosh life is good!
Especially with this song on the ears, horizontally with sunshine on the back and a nose pressed in nature’s delight!

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