Mortua Nix – Watch Us Bleed

Artist: Mortua Nix
Title: Watch Us Bleed
Keywords: experimental dark ambient drone harsh noisepower electronics Aurora

Wroaar! This is a beastly compilation of (with the exception of two new ones) tracks previously unleashed ;'(or pending to be released..) on compilations & splits. A thing that all together feels as if a monster had went into the recording booth with a noisy presence and a love for maniacal classical bits executed on piano to create a great suspense of grueling tensions. Sometimes these dark bits of warm noise are actually pretty pleasant, as if a piano had been haunted and hollow breaths of its demonic soul are expressing themselves by blowing out bad breath full of dusty mysterious clouds.

The haunting combination of noisy ambient that rings the ears like a sensation of dark warmth and those tracks in which clearly a beast is brutally awake making its loud presence is one that is atmospheric & terrifying at the same time. Just when you think it’s ‘relaxing time’ a devilish demon simply might pop up to poison your ears with fear and slight paranoia. It’s a semi relaxed thrill of an album that sounds hungry for people like you and me.

It might even trigger you to step on a chair and jump with your neck into a noose dangling from the ceiling; this dramatic tension between beast, classically undertones and noise is simply not for the faint hearted listeners who normally dig an listening session with music of the likes of Beethoven and Mozart, still, who knows, maybe this collection might actually freshen up some of their rustic minds with material that is just as intense, yet fully crafted out of the darkness; a place in which it doesn’t matter if you are wearing a wig, dress or a suit as the monster that lurks around isn’t fuzzy to claim devoted ears to be munched upon. Want to step in and try it out? Here is a kinky link:

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