William Henry Meung – Rotten Rainbows – Mix Tape 2017

Artist: William Henry Meung
Title: Rotten Rainbows Mix Tape 2017
Keywords: experimental beats drones experimental electronicfeild recording low-fi Dunedin
Reviewer: Furchick

William Henry Meung based in Dunedin tells us straight up….THIS IS NOT NOISE. It is 49 mins and 70 seconds of low fi, fucked beats and moans/drones.

What I can tell you is that this is a one man genius DIY lo fi show.

Track 1 is made up of sides X and Y and was recorded and mixed in Dunedin using an iphone, Facebook, Zoom recorder, 4-track, and a Macbook. The instruments are hard to pick out individually and lucky for us listeners we are helped in the mix tape notes. We can read that he used circuit bent toy keys , dictaphones, DIY synths, Type drummer, bleep lab, Korg monotribe, tape loops, field recordings made on iPhone and features spoken word by Rachelle Wood.

Rotten Rainbows also wants it to be clear that he isn’t wasting time shooting up creating “Dunedin Music”. So much effort and creative process has been put into this that there is no way that a smart listener would even imagine that.

I am finding it difficult to write about the tracks separately. Its an album work to my mind. It meanders in many directions, but a rhythm, not always drums, keeps it all pinned together nicely.

All of these tracks have melody but not pop or even really a song structure. They are beautiful. Moments of sadness, and possibly even a heart beating fast as a panic attack give way to a pretty morning, and sparkles in the rain on the windows. Loops of curious items, sounding like some kind of broken down machine moving back and forth in the wind, keep the rhythm steady.

Side Z is a fantastic bonus live recording made at The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery in Christchurch in 2015. Trying to imagine the immediacy of the live show, I wish I had been there to lie in the gallery space, eyes closed. These sounds are new and almost fun, but too serious a work to be called that.

It was also released as a limited edition of cassettes in hand made /painted card and canvas 7″ covers that any collector of interesting music will want to get their hands on.

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