Quimper – Wake Up Gastone

Artist: Quimper
title: Wake Up Gastone
keywords: electronic experimental avant-garde experimental haunting pop wonky pop United Kingdom

I woke up with Quimper’s latest EP and it made my morning into a soothing, yet hauntingly mystical one. It made me feel as if my eyes didn’t really wanted to open, as if my mind got slumbered back into a half-way dream in which Quimper draped musical wings over. Like a calm bird who took care over the baby birds in which I felt one of them. It’s lovely to have wings instead of arms and super nice to be under the pleasantness warmth of Quimper’s caring wings.

Her voice sings comforting soothing songs and my ears are simply intoxicated by it all; drowning in this realm of half reality & half dream world. My name might not be ‘Gastone’, but somehow these songs made me into one with soft feathers all over my body. These Quimper songs might not last forever, they are a perfect time for those shimmering early mornings, still giving you a good safe loving start of the day and yet respecting your busy schedule.

I must say that I really had the urge to screw the busy schedule and instead of really waking up to face the realities of the day, would have loved to have gone for the other option: playing this EP on repeat, curling back under these pleasantly haunting wings of Quimper and day-dream the day away! Lovely!

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