Cinturon Negro – Beats we love

Artist: Cinturon Negro
title: Beats we love
keywords: beats, cinturon negro, instrumentals

So chilled out, so relaxed and yes so very much still shaking my head on beats, grooves and other delicate music bits: The release responsible is a deejay set that is one of those that you could put on with pure confidence & let it do its thing, while you do your things (next to listening and perhaps moving to it all). I had been doing lots of things, but all in good flavor with this material playing loudly on the background. Obviously for copyright reasons and the avoiding of lawsuits and other minor problems, there is no real info on who the artists/tracks/bands/projects are that you could hear in this mix, but trust me; you could trust them to be diverse and trustable in the good flavored music department.

Some of them sound so old (but severely important / classy), as if they had been recorded on a tape and send to the deejay’s collection by tape, clearly smuggled through the stomach of music-smugglers from far away cultural places, while others sound more top notch, nicely dusted off for a clean cut presence. But all of them, in all their diversity, sound very much tasty and together, creating a real soundtrack that feels like it’s done by a true music lover with a good sense for it all, proudly gluing this nice collection of tunes together for ‘us’ other music lovers to enjoy and be entertained by, without the normal obstruction of thinking what we need to play & bother by who made it and other things that could distract the whole music listening sensation.

It’s a bit like a radio show without the annoying talking host that so passionately destroys the flow; it’s one of the good ones! In fact all this writing here is the opposite what this mix deserves, it should have been more fitting if there was just no writing here at all, no information or mumbling blabla, just a link and perhaps an arrow pointing towards it so you know where it’s at. Something like this:


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