Dominique Divine – Days That Blur & other tracks

Artist: Dominique Divine
title: Days That Blur & other tracks
keywords: experimental, electronic, noise, ambient, dark

Next to an incredible artist as a visual painter Dominique Divine is also stunningly amazing in audio/music land. She might be lying low & a bit underground, but damn her tunes are worth to check out as they are very visual in audio ways. “Days That Blur” came across as a situation that might be a bit like stumbling on a relaxing dead body, a deceased person that is bubbling away in a soapy bubbly bath, with perhaps an electronic device in it that was responsible to fry all the life out of the life-less body. It sounds amazingly detailed; something a true detective would have a field-day with & a great out-of-its-mind music listener a super nice listen. It’s so nice and warm, yet there is an eerie undertone. Musical bits can be heard in there, perfectly minimal and a bit hidden, hearable enough to add the cinematic effect to make you want to fill up a bubble bath and try to reconstruct the situation by yourself, see if body/bubbles and electricity is a real survivable thing or not… But that would not be a great idea, as nobody wants to get hurt especially when you know that being dead means you wouldn’t be able to enjoy these cool tracks (like Days That Blur) by Dominique Divine had made.

Yes, it would be a real shame to slip the slippery slide as “Dionysis Divine Madness” might also not be missed on your bucket list of ‘music you should hear before you are no-more’. It’s a very intense listen, perfect for on the headphones while high on green fluffy smokes. The details again are pretty overwhelming, clearly showcasing Dominique being one who crafts her soundtracks with lots of attention, thing lots of people miss & lots of others will fall in awe for! Dionyis Divine Madness is like listening to the voices in your head, while they are all shimmering and mumbling calmly; you don’t know what they are saying, but it appears that they agree with you and themselves & the effects are haunting in a peaceful way. It is almost if the madness has become a comforting comfort zone in itself!

Dietsoda’ is a more harsher experimental experience on the ears, avoiding complete hard noise but pushing the volume up with some nice rhythmic nasty hissing cracks that spice up a general weird audio soup that is hypnotically hypnotizing in a very intelligent way. A few coughs of the artist make the happening into a very personal happening, giving the loop material a human touch.

Of course there is no better way to end this intensive listening session into the glorious audio mystics of Dominique Divine by listening to this hot & very sexually charged work named “Porn’.
With strange woozing depth with warm psychedelic benefits we can hear muffled moans of struggling session between erotic pleasure and pain. You won’t expect to find such detail and intense horniness in any of the mainstream of music & it’s best to stay alive and experience these tracks with both ears open:

To keep an eye on the activities on Dominique her soundcloud-account please do click the following link:

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