Franco Esteve – Consequence & Paranoia (The Doll Chronicles)

Artist: Franco Esteve
Title: Consequence & Paranoia (The Doll Chronicles)
Keywords: movie soundtrack, movies, modern, classical, filmic

It might be the name, but people named Franco seem to be incredible talented buzzy bees that can do almost anything and everything! Franco Esteve is certainly no exception on this unwritten rule; he writes, plays (…with dolls) and composes cinematic music that could be listened on their own, or be ultimately fitted with the moving visuals as seen in movies.
If there are no movies to compose for, he evidentially has the talent to make his own & that’s exactly what he has been doing with The Doll Chronicles.

Franco Esteve showcases in one-go not only how a well composed movie soundtrack should sound like, but also smears in the face of many movie producers how it is been done! For this occasion I had seen Consequence, one of these episodes in the Doll Chronicles… and surely I was very impressed. First of all that it looked and sounded so good, with great shots and a actual story that evidentially hit home, making me hunt for friends who might have fallen into a similar trap that Franco had captured within ‘Consequence’. I can’t go in detail as that would ruin the whole movie experience, but let me tell you it’s not the Sunday softporn that you might expected it to be.

First I dove into it as if it was a fancy music video, which it in a way might be for a bit as there is hardly on screen conversation, but the music and what happens visually is such a combination that talking among the characters is simply unneeded and a waste of time. Instead Franco Esteve let the soundtrack do the speaking, creating tension, drama and excitement in one go & proofs that when he combines his talents (and add dolls!) ; amazing professional things can be created!

In the beginning it might be a bit hard as a music listener to fully concentrate on the soundtrack, not because it isn’t good, but the cinematic scenes are quite hot and the shots leave lots to the boiling imagination. But when the plot turns and things become druggier and grittier it is truly the music that claims the lead on explaining the unfolding drama in the movie. Can you find the doll?

Consequence, The Doll Chronicles from Franco Esteve on Vimeo.

If the example was a bit too good for your taste, or perhaps the subject hitting too close to you for your taste, or have tasted a bit of Franco Esteve’s talent and simply need more, or you are in hard need for more Doll action? Than “paranoia” might be the other written,produced,created, directed movie in the chronicles to check out. Here again Franco gives it a more scarily intense soundtrack, building the tension of a Groundhog Day with mild suggestions of someone who might be (or might not be) going insane with paranoia. It’s darker and more experimental perhaps, but damn… the music and dolls combination is quite freaky!
Franco Esteve simply knows exactly how to play with and prey on the emotions of a hopeless cinematic movie-soundtrack lover! Makes you want to check yourself in the mirror, totally expecting to see a doll version of yourself staring back at you…

Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles from Franco Esteve on Vimeo.

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